Tiled Flooring

Maintain Your Tiles

Use a Professional to Clean Your Tiles & Grout

Cleaning your tiles yourself can be difficult, which is why it is best left to the professionals. They will have the equipment, knowledge and experience of dealing with tough stains. They will also know what techniques are best used for different tile materials. Find out more.

This will also mean that they’ll last longer. Dirt can lead to scratches and damage, as well as being unsightly.


  • Loop pile tile
  • Contract quality
  • Bleach resistant fibres
  • Suitable for office and commercial areas
  • Available in 15 colourways

Work Space

  • Heavy Contract
  • Versatile loop pile tile
  • Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Extensive colour palette
  • Perfect for offices, commercial and education
  • Available in 24 colourways


  • Heavy Contract
  • Attractive loop pile tile
  • Noval Opal yarn
  • Suitable for commercial and education installations
  • Available in 19 colourways


  • Heavy Contract
  • Attractive patterned cut pile tile
  • Noval Opal yarn
  • Colours co-ordinate with Maestro tiles, increasing floor design options
  • Ideal for prestigious locations
  • Available in 14 colourways