Roof Design

A Roof Design That Cannot Be Beaten

Having a bespoke roof is essential. For all your design ideas, supplies and erection of complex timber and glulam roof structures click here.

They are known for their market leading approach to timber engineering, extensive product knowledge and excellence in design and workmanship.

All of their in-house professionals are experts in the design and manufacturing of many engineering components, as well as having a strong work ethic to maintain the success of their business.

It is essential to also keep up with roof maintenance to make sure no problems come along.

Your Choice Matters

Having a choice of roof design is vital. You can choose from one of these design options:

Adding Style To Your Roof

Roofs don’t seem all that important in terms of style, but recently it is becoming much more common to re-style your roof and transform the house.

If you change the shape of your roof or even the covering it can act as a newly built house.

Striking Looks, Endless Possibilities

Rooflights modernise your house like you couldn’t imagine, Modular rooflights can architecturally re-design your home. Contact EOS for more information.

Also built with laminated glass to ensure safety as well as giving you a high energy efficiency rating – there is nothing you don’t get with these rooflights.