Roof Design

A Roof Design That Cannot Be Beaten

Having a bespoke roof is essential. For all your design ideas, supplies and erection of complex timber and glulam roof structures. They are known for their market-leading approach to timber engineering, extensive product knowledge and excellence in design and workmanship.

All of their in-house professionals are experts in the design and manufacturing of many engineering components, and they have a strong work ethic to maintain the success of their business.

It is essential to keep up with roof maintenance to ensure no problems arise.

Your Choice Matters

Having a choice of roof design is vital. You can choose from one of these design options:

Adding Style To Your Roof

Roofs don’t seem all that important in terms of style, but recently, it is becoming much more common to re-style your roof and transform the house.

Changing the shape of your roof or even the covering can act as a newly built house.

Striking Looks, Endless Possibilities

Rooflights modernise your house like you couldn’t imagine, Modular rooflights can architecturally re-design your home. Also built with laminated glass to ensure safety and give you a high energy efficiency rating – there is nothing you don’t get with these roof lights.

Flat roofing has many advantages:

  • A waterproof membrane attached to the joists underneath the ceiling
  • Due to the pitch of a flat roof, it drains water well and prevents leaks
  • The materials used in flat roofing mean it can last up to 40+ years
  • Flat roofing is an affordable option as it involves less materials

Types of flat roofing

  • Felt and Asphalt – cost effective, a long lifespan.
  • Rubber bond roofing – durable, flexible, very cheap to maintain, resistant to all weather types.
  • Single ply membrane – lightweight, cost effective, resistant to all weather types, durable.