The best shop improvements to attract more customers

Get the best from your shop

Knowing how to attract more foot traffic to your shop can be difficult; however the appearance of your shop plays a huge role in this. Take a look at our top tips and let us know how you get on! Talk to us here.

A Memorable Shop Sign

It’s so easy to choose a ‘typical’ shop sign, however you will need something that catches the eye of local shoppers and attract them in. Have something stylish, but that still works well with what your business is about. Take a look at this case study of a hairdresser in Bristol who had a new shop front installed.

Fabulous Window Displays

Window displays are everything. Having your display to create a true representation of your business will not only bring in new customers, but quality ones. Your display window is there to create a story about your business and is the invitation to shoppers.

Take a look at this website for more information.

Portable Signs

Portable signs are a fabulous and a different way of attracting new customers. A local shop in Bristol used their portable sign to state a puzzle, such as “Finish this puzzle in 10 minutes and you will receive a free one”. This will entice customers inside and even buying more things. Buy yours here.

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