Finding the right tradespeople for your home improvements

What to look for and how to find your tradesperson

Choosing a contractor to complete work in your home, whether that is finding a painter to a whole house renovation, is always hard.

You want to find people you can trust to be in your home and that you have confidence will complete the work up to your standards.

What to look for – what makes a good tradesperson

There are a number of things to look for when trying to find a good tradesperson who is worth your money.

There are some standard things you need to ensure your workers have before you hire them, including making sure they are fully qualified and insured.

They must follow safety requirements

30% of people say that they have had safety issues when having work done in the house.

This is because some rouge tradespeople take less care on domestic work as they feel there is less responsibility.

You must ensure you hire contractors that have been fully trained in appropriate health and safety precautions.

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Communication is key

Communication is a very important trait of tradespeople. Good communication is a necessary skill for any service provider.

Your contractor needs to know what you want and should be able to discuss your options with you without fail.

Range of services

When looking for a contractor you need to find a company that can provide a range of services, this includes offering proof that their work is up to standard and their customers are happy with their work. This could be through references, testimonials and a portfolio.

How to find them

Use a tradesman directory website

There are dozens of websites dedicated solely to finding the right tradesperson for you. These work best when you are specific about what you want as well as your location and your price range.

for example, write ‘Brisbane Northside’ if you live in that region or filter the price range or the specific kind of work you need such as fixing a blocked drain.

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Word of mouth

Often overlooked, getting recommendations from people you trust can be the best way to find the right workman for you.

68% of people say they recommend workmen to their friends and family with a further 70% saying they go to people they know for recommendations first when trying to find workers.

Even if you don’t end up finding the right person for you through a friend, it is the best place to start.