Domestic and Specialised Carpets

High Performance Commercial Solutions

Domestic Carpets

We supply an extensive range of fitted carpets including all major makes. There are colourful cords, cheap and cheerful budget practical twists in foam, felt or hessian backing, prints and plains, saxonies and velvets. Our more up market wool ranges are available on order in a variety of widths to suit individual requirements and can be dyed to any shade.

To suit current trends we have a wide range of ‘naturals’ in addition to a selection of natural floorings in sisal, coir and sea grass.

Specialised Carpeting

Also available is artificial grass ‘astroturf’ and special carpeting for wet areas such as saunas, patios, swimming pools, etc. FLOTEX waterproof carpeting and tiles.


High Performance Commercial Solutions

Combining aesthetics, quality, performance and budget, our product range is continually developed to offer the latest trends in colour and design. We offer high quality products supported by strong customer service and technical knowledge. The company has the ISO 9002 quality standard and is constantly investing to ensure the standard is maintained.

We are committed to developing processes and products which have minimal impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle.


  • The material should be allowed to acclimatise (tiles removed from their boxes) to the room’s normal operating temperature and humidity for a minimum period of 24 hours, and to be installed under the same conditions
  • Where installed over underfloor heating, the heating must be switched off at least 48 hours prior to installation, and switched back on at a low level at least 48 hours after installation, bringing the temperature up to its normal level gradually over 7 days. A maximum surface temperature of 27°C should not be exceeded
  • Sheet material should be fully bonded to the subfloor, however, in some instances an underlay system can be used – further details available on request
  • When forming the seams of a loop pile sheet material, the carpet should be cut between the two rows of loops and seam sealer applied
  • Generally, Paragon carpet tiles can be laid broadloom or chequerboard (according to preference) however due to the nature of the product, some should be laid chequerboard only – further details available on request